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Bas C. Van Fraassen: Scientific Representation: Paradoxes of Perspective

Oxford University Press, 2008, ISBN: 9780199278237, 422 pp, Price: £39.00
  • Flavia Padovani
Book Review

Bas van Fraassen’s views are among the most influential and the most debated in philosophy of science, and have deserved, and still continue to deserve, great attention. His recent book, Scientific Representation, is the latest stage of a long journey started a few decades ago, and which has made a significant contribution to the realist-antirealist dispute, in particular with the publication of his renowned The Scientific Image(1980). As is well known, in his earlier book van Fraassen set out a “constructive” interpretation of empiricism, according to which science’s standard is not truth but empirical adequacy, and the acceptance of a theory implies the belief that a theory is empirically adequate. In his new book, van Fraassen refines this view by shifting his focus to current issues in the philosophy of science, such as the role of models and representations. However, he modifies the requirement of empirical adequacy with a small but crucial addition: that empirical adequacy does...

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