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, Volume 19, Issue 6–8, pp 757–778

The Postmodern Sin of Intelligent Design Creationism


DOI: 10.1007/s11191-010-9232-4

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Pennock, R.T. Sci & Educ (2010) 19: 757. doi:10.1007/s11191-010-9232-4


That Intelligent Design Creationism rejects the methodological naturalism of modern science in favor of a premodern supernaturalist worldview is well documented and by now well known. An irony that has not been sufficiently appreciated, however, is the way that ID Creationists try to advance their premodern view by adopting (if only tactically) a radical postmodern perspective. This paper will reveal the deep threads of postmodernism that run through the ID Creationist movement’s arguments, as evidenced in the writings and interviews of its key leaders. Seeing their arguments and activities from this perspective highlights the danger to science posed by both ID Creationism and radical postmodernism.

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