Russian Physics Journal

, Volume 60, Issue 11, pp 2040–2043 | Cite as

Kinetic Model of the Initial Stage of the Nanowire Growth

  • S. N. Filimonov
  • Yu. Yu. Hervieu

A kinetic model of the formation of pyramid-like bulges (pedestals) at the bases of vertical nanowires is proposed. The formation of the pedestals at the early stage of the nanowire growth is assumed to be induced by a higher nucleation rate of two-dimensional islands under the catalyst droplet, as compared to the nucleation rate at the non-activated surface areas. Kinetics of the nucleation and propagation of the steps in the pyramid is described with a model of the multilayer growth, taking into account that the catalyst droplet at the nanowire top is a strong sink for adatoms. It is shown that the transition from the growth of the pyramid to the axial growth of the nanowire is possible if the appearance of a nucleus of the new layer under the catalyst droplet results in a partial dissolution of the underlying layer. In this case a segment of the nanowire sidewall is formed, preventing the lateral growth of the layers generated by the droplet.


epitaxy nanowires surface diffusion steps 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.National Research Tomsk State UniversityTomskRussia

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