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Propagation of Ultrashort Electromagnetic Pulses in Dielectric with Two-Level Centers

Special features of ultrashort electromagnetic pulse propagation in the two-level medium representing the glass matrix with active optical centers are theoretically investigated. Based on numerical modeling, peculiarities of evolution of the pulse waveform and change of the pulse spectrum depending on the propagation distance and pulse duration are revealed. Calculation was performed in the linear field approximation taking into account radiation dispersion in the matrix for pulses with corrected Gaussian envelope. The contribution of optically active centers to the dielectric permeability of the medium is considered in the two-level approximation.

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Correspondence to V. A. Astapenko.

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Translated from Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii, Fizika, No. 7, pp. 34–39, July, 2016.

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Astapenko, V.A., Manuilovich, E.S. Propagation of Ultrashort Electromagnetic Pulses in Dielectric with Two-Level Centers. Russ Phys J 59, 949–955 (2016).

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  • ultrashort electromagnetic pulse
  • two-level system
  • propagation of electromagnetic radiation in a medium