Russian Chemical Bulletin

, Volume 68, Issue 1, pp 79–85 | Cite as

2-Hydroxy-3-isobornyl-5-methylbenzaldehyde derivatives: synthesis and antioxidant activity in vitro

  • E. V. BuravlevEmail author
  • O. G. Shevchenko
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A series of N- and O-containing derivatives based on 2-hydroxy-3-isobornyl-5-methylbenzaldehyde was synthesized. A comparative evaluation of their radical scavenging activity tested with diphenylpicrylhydrazyl, antioxidant activity estimated on a substrate containing animal lipids, Fe2+-chelating ability using the FerroZine™ Iron Reagent, cytotoxicity, and also antioxidant and membrane-protective properties towards mammalian red blood cells was performed. The listed properties of the synthesized derivatives are essentially determined by the structure of the substituent introduced at the ortho-position. Compounds exhibiting a high activity in both cellular and non-cellular models were revealed.

Key words

isobornylphenols amines antioxidant activity radical scavenging activity membrane-protective activity red blood cells oxidative hemolysis 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Institute of Chemistry, Komi Scientific CentreUral Branch of the Russian Academy of SciencesSyktyvkarRussian Federation
  2. 2.Institute of Biology, Komi Scientific CentreUral Branch of the Russian Academy of SciencesSyktyvkarRussian Federation

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