Russian Chemical Bulletin

, Volume 67, Issue 7, pp 1131–1141 | Cite as

Graphene oxide supported tin dioxide: synthetic approaches and electrochemical characterization as anodes for lithium- and sodium-ion batteries

  • A. G. Medvedev
  • A. A. Mikhaylov
  • T. A. Tripol´skaya
  • P. V. PrikhodchenkoEmail author


The review addresses synthetic approaches to composite materials based on graphene oxide and nano tin dioxide and their electrochemical properties as anodes for lithium- and sodiumion batteries. The introduction of a carbon matrix into the composite material improves the electrochemical characteristics of the anodes. In most methods, the synthesis of graphene oxide–tin dioxide composites is based on the use of tin(II,IV) chlorides as the starting compounds, and the most efficient electrode materials were obtained by the hydrothermal or solvothermal routes. Thermal processing is much more economic than the gas phase deposition protocols but requires heating of a large volume of dilute tin oxide dispersions in an autoclave. Mechanochemistry (ball milling) is also economically unfavorable for the synthesis of composite materials. In addition, large volumes of acidic wastes that should be neutralized and safely discarded are formed when tin chlorides are used. An alternative environmentally friendly technique based on the use of aqueous peroxide solutions can be applied for the production of efficient anode materials based on graphene oxide and tin dioxide. This process does not involve acidic wastes, uses hydrogen peroxide and ethanol as reagents, and accomplishes film deposition (coating) at room temperature. Final thermal treatment is required only for the active material, which minimizes energy expenses and equipment costs.

Key words

tin dioxide anode material composite material lithium-ion battery sodium-ion battery hydrothermal method peroxide method 


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