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Preparation of α-terpineol and perillyl alcohol using zeolites beta


The preparation of α-terpineol by direct hydration of limonene catalyzed by zeolites beta was studied. The same catalyst was used to prepare perillyl alcohol by isomerization of β-pinene oxide in the presence of water. The aim was to optimize the reaction conditions to achieve high conversions of starting material and high selectivity to the desired products. In the case of limonene, it was found that the highest selectivity to α-terpineol was 88% with conversion of 36% under the conditions: 50 wt% of catalyst beta 25, 10% aqueous acetic acid (10 mL) (volume ratio limonene:H2O = 1:4.5), temperature 50 °C, after 24 h. In the case of β-pinene oxide, it was found that the highest selectivity to perillyl alcohol, which was 36% at total conversion, was obtained in the reaction under the following conditions: dimethyl sulfoxide as solvent (volume ratio β-pinene oxide:DMSO = 1:5), catalyst beta 25 without calcination (15 wt%), demineralized water (molar ratio β-pinene oxide:H2O = 1:8), temperature 70 °C, 3 h. The present study shows that the studied reactions are suitable for the selective preparation of chosen compounds.

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We thank Eva Vrbková, Ph.D. (Department of Organic Technology, UCT Prague) for providing TPD measurements. This work was supported from the grant of Specific university research—Grant No. A1_FCHT_2021_005.

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