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Immobilization of dihydrogen phosphate onto rice husk ash as a highly efficient and green catalyst for the synthesis of symmetrical N,N′-alkylidene bisamides

  • Hamid Reza Saadati-MoshtaghinEmail author


The preparation and characterization of an environmentally-benign and low-cost catalyst consisting of KH2PO4 supported on silica from rice husk ash is reported. The prepared catalyst was characterized by FT-IR spectroscopy, field emission scanning electron microscopy, powder X-ray diffraction and inductively coupled plasma. The synthesized nanocomposite exhibited an excellent catalytic efficiency in the condensation reaction for the preparation of symmetrical N,N′-alkylidene bisamides under solvent-free conditions.


Potassium dihydrogen phosphate Rice husk ash Supported catalyst Symmetrical N,N′-alkylidene bisamides 



I am grateful for the invaluable support of my family. I would like to extend sincere thanks to Young Researchers and Elite Club.


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