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An efficient and selective oxidation of benzylic and aromatic allylic alcohols with manganese dioxide supported on kieselguhr under solvent-free conditions


An efficient and selective oxidation of benzylic and aromatic allylic alcohols to the corresponding aldehydes and ketones with manganese dioxide supported on kieselguhr at 50–55 °C under solvent-free conditions in yields between 82 and 96 % is described. All the reactions are completed within 4 h. The merits of the present procedure by comparing with those reporting manganese dioxide oxidation are listed and the possible oxidation mechanism is also described. Aliphatic primary alcohols remain intact by this method.

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Scheme 1
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Zhu, LY., Lou, Z., Lin, J. et al. An efficient and selective oxidation of benzylic and aromatic allylic alcohols with manganese dioxide supported on kieselguhr under solvent-free conditions. Res Chem Intermed 39, 4287–4292 (2013).

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