International Review of Education

, Volume 64, Issue 3, pp 403–405 | Cite as

International higher education’s scholar-practitioners: Bridging research and practice

Edited by Bernhard Streitwieser and Anthony C. Ogden. Symposium Books, Oxford, 2016, 340 pp. ISBN 978-1-873927-77-9 (pbk)
  • Elan Paulson
Book Review

International higher education’s scholar-practitioners: Building research and practiceis a collection of twenty essays written by U.S. international education scholar-practitioners (IESP) who have worked at home or abroad in various international education (IE) administrative positions. The volume begins with a Foreword by leading higher education scholar Hans de Wit, and ends with one-page personal narratives in which contributing authors describe the pathways which led them to their IESP roles. According to editors Bernhard Streitwieser and Anthony C. Ogden, the purpose of this collection is to provide a corrective to the fact that “the professional who spans both research and practice has for far too long been overlooked” (p. 13) by profiling IESPs as the bridge builders between IE scholarship and administration. Its two main goals are to promote dialogue on IESPs research and practice and to offer a reference text for IESPs. A third (albeit unstated) goal is to justify a more...

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