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Recognition of prior learning: Research from around the globe

Edited by Per Andersson, Andreas Fejes and Fredrik Sandberg. Milton Park, Routledge, 2016, 171 pp., ISBN 978-1-13-895502-8 (hbk)
  • Fred Gennings Wanyavinkhumbo MsiskaEmail author
Book Review

The book title is captivating and raises expectations of exhaustive discussion of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), a practice aimed at enhancing lifelong learning through recognition of credits or granting advanced standing, and accreditation/validation of knowledge and skills acquired through informal and non-formal settings for personal development, social justice and economic development. While to a greater extent this has been achieved through case studies from Australia, Canada, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden and the UK, the small sample sizes somewhat undermine the force of the arguments.

The book comprises an introduction and nine chapters presenting empirical research from different parts of the world where Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or its equivalent is mobilised as part of educational practices for adults. It provides insights into opportunities and challenges of RPL. The major theoretical perspectives the authors draw on to illustrate RPL and its practical...

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