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Adult learning in modern societies: An international comparison from a life-course perspective

By Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Elina Kilpi-Jakonen, Daniela Vono de Vilhena and Sandra Buchholz (eds). Edward Elgar Publications, Cheltenham, 2014, 416 pp., eduLIFE Lifelong Learning series, ISBN 978-1-78347-517-9 (hbk), ISBN 978-1-78347-518-6 (e-book)
  • Paul BélangerEmail author
Book Review

This book is the first volume of the eduLIFe Lifelong Learning series undertaken by the European project Education as a lifelong process and funded by the European Research Council.1 It gives us a transnational empirical analysis of adult learning in eleven European countries plus Australia and the USA, studying both the socio-economic relevance of work-related adult learning and the inequality of participation in the various learning opportunities provided in these countries.

The central theme of this cross-national study is the possible contradiction between, at one end, the rising learning demand observed in all of these countries and across all levels of qualification – a demand influenced by accelerated economic change driven by the ongoing process of globalisation, and, at the other end, the prevailing adult learning participation pattern whereby initial educational inequalities tend to be reproduced throughout peoples’ life course. In this perspective, these national studies...

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