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International struggles for critical democratic education

By Matthew Knoester (ed.). Peter Lang Publishing Inc., New York. 2012. 178 pp. Counterpoints series, vol. 427. ISBN 978-1-4331-1600-1 (hbk), ISBN 978-1-4331-1599-8 (pbk)
  • Darko Štrajn
Book Review

The openly critical Gramscian1foreword by Michael Apple supports editor Matthew Knoester’s key question, which forms the overarching topic of this quite extraordinary book, adding its share to the research-based narratives about the social drama in classrooms all over the world. “In each situation described here, the following question is central: How can committed educators/activists effectively work to interrupt the reproduction of inequalities from one generation to the next?” (p. 1) Further on Knoester defines critical democratic education as “education for democratic participation” (p. 3) The eight contributions that follow do not attempt to construct any general answer; they are actually examples, which are based on well-researched situations in a range of different countries and they rely on the analysis of frameworks, histories, politics and other complex concepts. Of course, they are focused on a curriculum that is concerned with the intention of educating active citizens....

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