K. Timpe and D. Speak (eds.): Free Will & Theism: Connections, Contingencies, and Concerns

Oxford University Press, New York, 2016, 316 pp, $85.00 (hbk)
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The essays in this volume address questions about the connections, if any, between theism and various positions on free will, especially libertarianism (the view that we have free will and that free will is incompatible with determinism). Indeed, the volume might just as well have been called Libertarianism & Theism, as virtually all of the contributions touch, in one way or another, on the relationship between libertarianism (or aspects thereof) and theistic doctrines.

A central motivation for the volume helps explain this extensive focus on the libertarian view of free will. Timpe and Speak “detect an undertone of suspicion within the community of philosophers working particularly on the problem of free will; the suspicion is that theistic beliefs are exerting an untoward influence upon the debates” (p. 2). The worry in particular, as articulated by Manuel Vargas in the volume’s opening essay, is that theistic belief accounts for the continued interest in libertarianism, a worry that...

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