International Journal for Philosophy of Religion

, Volume 68, Issue 1–3, pp 107–119

Blinding me with (queer) science: religion, sexuality, and (post?) modernity


DOI: 10.1007/s11153-010-9246-5

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Armour, E.T. Int J Philos Relig (2010) 68: 107. doi:10.1007/s11153-010-9246-5


This essay brings to bear insights from continental philosophers Michel Foucault and Judith Butler on the science of (homo)sexuality and, more importantly, the desire to use such science to resolve contemporary conflicts over homosexuality’s acceptability. So-called “queer science” remains deeply beholden to modern notions of sex, gender, and sexuality, the author argues, a schematic that its premodern (Christian) roots further denaturalize. The philosophical insights drawn from this analysis are then applied to the controversy over homosexuality within global Christianity that often pits the “backward” former colonies against the “modern” west.


Homosexuality Christianity Post modernity 

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