Table 8 Comparison of main features of pre- and post-reform alimony law in Germany

From: Less money after divorce – how the 2008 alimony reform in Germany affected spouses’ labor supply, leisure and marital stability

  Until 31/12/2007 Since 01/01/2008 Objective
Ranking of claimants children and ex-spouses ranked equally 1): underage children 2): resp. 3): ex-spouses 4)–7): further relatives strengthen children’s well-being
(emphasize post-marital self-responsibility)
Post-marital alimony as rule as exception (‘principle of self-responsibility’) emphasize post-marital self-responsibility
Caregiver alimony
between previously married, separated or divorced parents until at least 8th (15th) birthday of (youngest) common child until at least 3rd birthday of (youngest) common child emphasize post-marital self-responsibility
between previously unmarried, separated parents until at least 3rd birthday of (youngest) common child
  1. Source: Authors’ illustration, based on the old and new legal rulings (BGB 2007, 2008) and Bertelsmann Stiftung (2009)