Table 11 Effect of EITC on foster care entry rates

From: Foster care and the earned income tax credit

  Entry Entry
State EITC * Federal expansion −0.286** −0.293***
  (0.134) (0.075)
Federal expansion   1.929*
State employment rate   0.040***
State median income (in thousands)   −0.041**
State poverty rate   0.041
Percent of individuals in state that is food insecure   −0.020*
Average Monthly Number of TANF Recipients/Population   −0.074
Average monthly number of food stamp participants/population   −0.080
National school lunch participation/population under 20   0.033**
Maximum monthly TANF benfit for 3 person household   −0.003
Maximum monthly SNAP benfit for 3 person household   −0.008***
Expanded unemployment benefits ARRA   0.095
State minimum wage   0.137***
State and year fixed effects X X
Full set of control variables   X
Sample: Always SEITC and Never SEITC states   
Observations 420 420
  1. The table displays coefficient estimates with standard errors clustered at the treatment and year level. All models include a full set of year and state dummies and some models include a full set of control variables as described in the text. The State EITC variable is not included because it is captured in the state fixed effects
  2. ***, **, and * represent statistical significance at the 1, 5, and 10% levels, respectively