Effect of Melting Temperature Regimes on Change of Interplanar Distance in Quartzite

The reliability of an industrial frequency crucible (IFC) induction furnace, used in casting manufacture, depends on its lining life. For this reason quartzite as the cheapest acid lining material is the subject of considerable research work both in our country and overseas. The aim of the present research is development of manufacturing technology and operation of an acid lining that is used for melting alloys and with melt operating temperatures above 1450°C. The action of melt thermal regimes on the change in interplanar distances within the quartzite structure affecting furnace lining life is studied.

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  • industrial frequency crucible (IFC) induction furnace
  • acid lining
  • tridymite
  • cristobalite
  • interplanar distances
  • melt production regime