Combinatorial proofs for identities related to generalizations of the mock theta functions \(\omega (q)\) and \(\nu (q)\)


The two partition functions \(p_\omega (n)\) and \(p_\nu (n)\) were introduced by Andrews, Dixit and Yee, which are related to the third-order mock theta functions \(\omega (q)\) and \(\nu (q)\), respectively. Recently, Andrews and Yee analytically studied two identities that connect the refinements of \(p_\omega (n)\) and \(p_\nu (n)\) with the generalized bivariate mock theta functions \(\omega (z;q)\) and \(\nu (z;q)\), respectively. However, they stated these identities begged for bijective proofs. In this paper, we first define the generalized trivariate mock theta functions \(\omega (y,z;q)\) and \(\nu (y,z;q)\). Then by utilizing odd Ferrers graph, we obtain certain identities concerning to \(\omega (y,z;q)\) and \(\nu (y,z;q)\), which extend some early results of Andrews that are related to \(\omega (z;q)\) and \(\nu (z;q)\). In virtue of the combinatorial interpretations that arise from the identities involving \(\omega (y,z;q)\) and \(\nu (y,z;q)\), we finally present bijective proofs for the two identities of Andrews–Yee.

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  • Partitions
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  • Mock theta functions
  • Odd Ferrers graph

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