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Beukers-like supercongruences for generalized Apéry numbers

  • Gautam KalitaEmail author


For positive integers \(f_1,f_2,m,l\), the author and Chetry defined a generalization of Apéry numbers \(A(f_1,f_2,m,l,\lambda )\) given by
$$\begin{aligned} A(f_1,f_2,m,l,\lambda ):=\sum _{j=0}^{f_2}{f_1+j\atopwithdelims ()j}^m{f_2\atopwithdelims ()j}^l\lambda ^j. \end{aligned}$$
In this article, we prove certain Beukers-like supercongruences for these generalized Apéry numbers.


Apéry numbers Gaussian hypergeometric series Supercongruences 

Mathematics Subject Classification

11A07 33C20 12E20 



We thank Ken Ono for going through the initial draft of the paper and many helpful suggestions. We are grateful to the referee for his/her helpful comments.


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  1. 1.Department of Sciences and MathematicsIndian Institute of Information Technology GuwahatiAssamIndia

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