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Inequalities and infinite product formula for Ramanujan generalized modular equation function

  • Miao-Kun Wang
  • Yong-Min Li
  • Yu-Ming ChuEmail author


We present several inequalities for the Ramanujan generalized modular equation function \(\mu _{a}(r)=\pi F(a,1-a;1;1-r^2)/\) \([2\sin (\pi a)F(a,1-a;1;r^2)]\) with \(a\in (0,1/2]\) and \(r\in (0,1)\), and provide an infinite product formula for \(\mu _{1/4}(r)\), where \(F(a,b;c;x)={}_{2}F_{1}(a,b;c;x)\) is the Gaussian hypergeometric function.


Gaussian hypergeometric function Ramanujan generalized modular equation Quadratic transformation Infinite product 

Mathematics Subject Classification

33C05 11F03 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of MathematicsHuzhou UniversityHuzhouChina

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