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Governance for living better together: A special issue on public administration and self-governance


The modern notions of public governance and public administration are inextricably linked to government and an expanding scope and scale of government programs and regulations. However, an alternative notion of governance, based on the ideas of classical liberalism, focuses on the role of citizens, non-elites, and collective action to find ways to live better together. Two recent books, Public Governance and the Classical Liberal Perspective by Paul Dragos Aligica, Peter J. Boettke, and Vlad Tarko (2019) and Public Entrepreneurship, Citizenship, and Self-Governance by Paul Dragos Aligica (2018) advance this notion of governance. In this special issue, scholars react to these books and discuss the implications for academic and policy research.

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  • Aligica, P. D. (2018). Public entrepreneurship, citizenship, and self-governance. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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  • Aligica, P. D., Boettke, P. J., & Tarko, V. (2019). Public governance and the classical-liberal perspective: political economy foundations. New York: Oxford University Press.

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  • Ostrom, V. ([1973] 2008). The intellectual crisis in public administration. Tuscaloosa: The University of Alabama Press.

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  • Public governance
  • Self-governance
  • Institutional analysis
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