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Health-related quality of life of transplant recipients: a comparison between lung, kidney, heart, and liver recipients

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Quality of life and psychological responses to transplantation are constructs used to assess various psychosocial aspects after organ transplantation. The purpose of this study is to compare physical, psychological, social, and environmental quality of life between recipients of four organs: liver, lung, heart, and kidney.


In order to compare the four types of quality of life and emotional responses post-transplant, HRQOL and TxEQ questionnaires were administered to 427 transplant recipients.


Heart and liver recipients report significantly higher health-related quality of life than lung and kidney recipients. Heart and lung patients report significantly fewer concerns and worries than liver and kidney patients. New additional variables were explored in our study: psychological connection to the living donor/deceased donor's family and commitment to them. We also found that heart recipients feel their personality traits changed, postoperative.


The contribution of our study was the finding that ethno-religious and psychosocial variables have a positive effect on four dimensions of HRQOL. It may be useful to design psychological support interventions specifically adapted to patients after organ transplantation that aim at enhancing patients' HRQOL and alleviating negative emotional responses.

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The research project received no funding.

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PA and YBC participated in research design. YBC PA and MT participated in the writing of the paper. MT participated in the performance of the research. YBC participated in the data analysis of the project. MT and YBC participated in data analysis. PA and MT reviewed the draft of the paper. YBC and MT approved the final draft of the paper.

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Correspondence to Ya’arit Bokek-Cohen.

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The authors declare thay they have no conflicts of interest.

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Ethical approval was obtained from the IRB of the Academic College of Tel Aviv Jaffa.

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All participants signed an informed consent form.

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