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, Volume 48, Issue 2, pp 659–672

The development of FFMD Pyramid: Fuzzy Family_Marriage Deployment as decision support method to improve human resources performance



Improvement action to human resource (HR) in organization plays important role in determining the success of organization. Many studies have been done to discuss on how the organization may improve their HR performance. However, not many studies yet discuss the level of improvement that organization shall taken appropriately. Identification of organization’s priority level of improvement seems found to be a complicated work to do in most emerging organizations. High intangible and invisible variables and attributes contribute to unclear situations and perceptions in the organization itself. The complexity and limitation in tools and techniques, make each solution taken is less efficient and effective. Therefore, this study will discuss the development of Fuzzy Family_Marriage Deployment (FFMD) Pyramid. FFMD Pyramid is a new method for decision support in organization especially for HR by equally deploy dimension and variable of family and marriage to quality dimension and variable in organization then identify priorities by considering the deployment value (crisp value) and fuzzy value (non-crisp value) as decision support for organization to plan and decide proper improvement action with proper percentage (%) level of priority of improvement action. As result, a concise and simple pyramid shall present an informative yet effective and efficient to the decision maker to support their better decision especially with regard to the improvement action for HR performance. In addition, the Family_Marriage value that utilize in this study may bring about a new perspective that decision maker shall consider to support their decision process especially for the HR improvement action.


Quality improvement Performance measurement Fuzzy logic QFD Family and marriage Human resource 


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