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Table 2 Phenolic compounds content (μg per 1 g d.m.) in different plant parts of buckwheat depending on the extractant used

From: The Content of Dietary Fibre and Polyphenols in Morphological Parts of Buckwheat (Fagopyrum tataricum)

Variable* Extractant (methanol), plant parts** Extractant (water), plant parts**
flower leaf stalk root flower leaf stalk root
2,6-DHBAW 3.7a nd nd nd 5.5b 2.0a nd nd
3,4- DHBAW 186.6d 37.3c 2.1a 6.7b 211.8d 89.5c 6.0a 61.1b
3,5- DHBAW 3.9a 9.8b nd nd 12.0d 9.9c 1.1a 3.8b
4-hydroxybenzoic acidW nd nd nd nd 1.4c 0.7a nd 1.0b
caffeic acidW 7.7b 10.3c 2.9a nd 8.3b 18.4c 3.1a 3.1a
catechinW 3.0b 3.5b 1.6a 4.7c 11.9d 9.9c 1.1a 5.3b
chlorogenic acidM 1013.4d 165.3c 102.7b 32.7a 429.9d 203.3c 83.7b 21.3a
fagopyrinM 38.2 nd nd nd nd nd nd nd
ferulic acidW nd nd nd nd 4.1a 3.2a nd 11.8b
gallic acidW nd 2.1b nd 1.6a 0.8a 7.3b nd 1.4a
isovanilic acidW nd nd nd nd nd nd nd 1.6
isovitexinW 3.0c 1.5b nd 0.5a nd nd nd nd
kaempferolM 3.3c nd nd nd nd 2.0b 1.4a nd
luteolinW nd nd nd nd 0.9a 4.1b nd nd
p-coumaric acidW 2.0c 4.5d 0.8a 1.2b 8.5b 16.9d 1.6a 12.2c
procyanidin B2M 439.1d 152.3b 11.5a 263.0c 161.2d 55.4b 6.3a 61.6c
quercetinM 844.7c 172.1b 2.1a 7.2a nd 374.1a 352.1a nd
quercetin 3-D-galactosideM 10.1b 2.3a 1.9a 9.3b nd 17.8b 1.7a nd
rutinM 2253.8b 2949.3c 1255.9a 1963.4b nd 576.9a 523.8a nd
syringic acidW nd nd nd 1.2 nd nd nd 5.6
vitexinM 42.2b 3.3a nd 5.0a nd nd nd nd
  1. *Variables with superscript “M” or “W” indicate significant (p < 0.05) positive influence of methanol or water as extractant; **Means with different letters within the lines differ significantly (p < 0.05), the comparisons were performed separately for methanol and water as extractant, nd- not detected, d.m.- dry matter