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Table 1 Dietary fibre content in different parts of buckwheat plant (g/100 g d.m. product)

From: The Content of Dietary Fibre and Polyphenols in Morphological Parts of Buckwheat (Fagopyrum tataricum)

Plant parts NDF (%) ADF (%) ADL (%) C (%) H (%)
flowers 20.90b 18.95b 6.09c 12.86b 1.95a
leaves 12.00a 11.35a 3.20a 8.15a 0.64a
stalk 37.44c 29.68c 4.11b 25.57c 7.77b
roots 63.92d 45.45d 6.76d 38.70d 18.46c
  1. Means with different letters within the columns differ significantly (p < 0.05)