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Optimized search for complex protocols based on entanglement detection

Quantum Information Processing Aims and scope Submit manuscript

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Quantum properties are indispensable resources in various quantum information processing tasks. In this paper, we are interested in entanglement which plays a key role in multipartite protocols. However, there is still a lack of effective means to detect this interesting feature. To overcome this problem, we propose an algorithm which makes it possible to check separability in a given quantum state whatever its size. For optimization purposes, this process is integrated as an optimization constraint in the design of complex systems. It allows a complete exploration of the entangled quantum channels. Our strategy is applied to elaborate automatically a special controlled bidirectional teleportation protocol. The novelty lies in the fact that the supervisor can activate or deactivate the teleportation process after partial measurements of the two parties.

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The authors would like to thank the reviewers for the detailed comments and suggestions. Their recommendations have widely contributed to the enrichment of this article.

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