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Characterizing Bell state analyzer using weak coherent pulses

  • Published:
Quantum Information Processing Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Bell state analyzer (BSA) is one of the most crucial apparatuses in photonic quantum information processing. While linear optics provide a practical way to implement BSA, it provides unavoidable errors when inputs are not ideal single-photon states. Here, we propose a simple method to deduce the BSA for single-photon inputs using weak coherent pulses. By applying the method to Reference-Frame-Independent Measurement-Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution, we experimentally verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the method.

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This work was supported by the NRF programs (2019M3E4A1079777, 2019R1A2C2006381, 2019M3E4A107866011), the IITP programs (2020-0-00947, 2020-0-00972), and the KIST research program (2E30620).

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