Toward prethreshold gate-based quantum simulation of chemical dynamics: using potential energy surfaces to simulate few-channel molecular collisions

  • Andrew T. Sornborger
  • Phillip Stancil
  • Michael R. Geller


One of the most promising applications of an error-corrected universal quantum computer is the efficient simulation of complex quantum systems such as large molecular systems. In this application, one is interested in both the electronic structure such as the ground state energy and dynamical properties such as the scattering cross section and chemical reaction rates. However, most theoretical work and experimental demonstrations have focused on the quantum computation of energies and energy surfaces. In this work, we attempt to make the prethreshold (not error-corrected) quantum simulation of dynamical properties practical as well. We show that the use of precomputed potential energy surfaces and couplings enables the gate-based simulation of few-channel but otherwise realistic molecular collisions. Our approach is based on the widely used Born–Oppenheimer approximation for the structure problem coupled with a semiclassical method for the dynamics. In the latter the electrons are treated quantum mechanically but the nuclei are classical, which restricts the collisions to high energy or temperature (typically above \(\approx 10\) eV). By using operator splitting techniques optimized for the resulting time-dependent Hamiltonian simulation problem, we give several physically realistic collision examples, with 3–8 channels and circuit depths < 1000.


Quantum computation Quantum simulation Gate-based quantum simulation Molecular collisions Molecular dynamics 



This work was supported by the National Science Foundation under CDI Grant DMR-1029764.


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  2. 2.Department of Physics and Astronomy and Center for Simulational PhysicsUniversity of GeorgiaAthensUSA

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