Ion trap architectures and new directions

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  1. Trapped Ion Quantum Information Processing


Trapped ion technology has seen advances in performance, robustness and versatility over the last decade. With increasing numbers of trapped ion groups worldwide, a myriad of trap architectures are currently in use. Applications of trapped ions include: quantum simulation, computing and networking, time standards and fundamental studies in quantum dynamics. Design of such traps is driven by these various research aims, but some universally desirable properties have lead to the development of ion trap foundries. Additionally, the excellent control achievable with trapped ions and the ability to do photonic readout has allowed progress on quantum networking using entanglement between remotely situated ion-based nodes. Here, we present a selection of trap architectures currently in use by the community and present their most salient characteristics, identifying features particularly suited for quantum networking. We also discuss our own in-house research efforts aimed at long-distance trapped ion networking.


Trapped ion Microfabricated ion traps Quantum computing Quantum networking Quantum frequency conversion Superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors 



We thank Ken Wright and Paul Hess for a thorough reading of the manuscript and Vikas Anant for the modeling of the SNSPD. Funding provided by the Army Research Lab, Cooperative Agreement and the Center for Distributed Quantum Information. All images preprinted from publications have been licensed for use and additionally permission requested from an author to reproduce the image. The US Government neither endorses nor guarantees in any way organizations, companies or products included in this article, and such mention is only given for illustrative purposes; other competing options may be equal or better than those mentioned here.


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