Quantum Information Processing

, Volume 15, Issue 12, pp 5351–5383 | Cite as

Technologies for trapped-ion quantum information systems

Progress toward scalability with hybrid systems
  • Amira M. EltonyEmail author
  • Dorian Gangloff
  • Molu Shi
  • Alexei Bylinskii
  • Vladan Vuletić
  • Isaac L. Chuang


Scaling up from prototype systems to dense arrays of ions on chip, or vast networks of ions connected by photonic channels, will require developing entirely new technologies that combine miniaturized ion trapping systems with devices to capture, transmit, and detect light, while refining how ions are confined and controlled. Building a cohesive ion system from such diverse parts involves many challenges, including navigating materials incompatibilities and undesired coupling between elements. Here, we review our recent efforts to create scalable ion systems incorporating unconventional materials such as graphene and indium tin oxide, integrating devices like optical fibers and mirrors, and exploring alternative ion loading and trapping techniques.


Ion traps Quantum computation Quantum information Trapped ions Ion–photon interface Graphene Indium tin oxide Cavity cooling Optical trapping Micromirror Motional heating CMOS ion trap Hybrid trap Scalable 



We gratefully acknowledge support from the MQCO Program with funding from IARPA, the Quest program with funding from DARPA, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research MURI on Ultracold Molecules, and the NSF Center for Ultracold Atoms. AME, DG, and AB also gratefully acknowledge the support of the National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s Postgraduate Scholarship program.


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