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Vlad Tarko, Elinor Ostrom: An intellectual biography

Rowman & Littlefield International Ltd., Lanham, MD, 2017, xii + 190 Pages, USD 32.95 (paperback)
  • Bobbi HerzbergEmail author
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Vlad Tarko does a superb job of outlining the key contributions of Elinor Ostrom’s scholarly career in this accessible volume on her intellectual journey. One of its greatest strengths is the clear and succinct presentation that allows even a novice reader to gain an appreciation for the core concepts that Ostrom (and colleagues) developed over her 50 + year career. Tarko captures Ostrom’s optimistic spirit and perseverance in creating complex theoretical frameworks with rich empirical analyses across diverse settings of self-governance. Those who knew her and her work well will find themselves nodding along as he describes the path she followed to such success, while those unfamiliar with her accomplishments will gain a new appreciation for the scope of the work she tackled.

The book divides Ostrom’s work into five chapters that mark critical phases of her scholarly pursuits. After a brief introduction of Lin’s early life that gives context to decisions she would make in her...

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