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In memory of Achim Trebst (1929–2017): a pioneer of photosynthesis research

  • Hermann Bothe
  • Thomas Happe
  • Simon Trebst
  • Matthias Rögner
History and Biography


The life and work of Achim Trebst (1929–2017) was dedicated to photosynthesis, involving a wide span of seminal contributions which cumulated in more than five decades of active research: Major topics include the separation of light and dark phases in photosynthesis, the elucidation of photosynthesis by the use of inhibitors, the identification of the three-dimensional structure of photosystem II and its degradation, and an explanation of singlet oxygen formation. For this tribute, which has been initiated by Govindjee, twenty-two personal tributes by former coworkers, scientific friends, and his family have been compiled and combined with an introduction tracing the different stages of Achim Trebst’s scientific life.


Photosynthetic electron transport Light and dark phases Inhibitors Photosystem II Singlet oxygen 


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