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Paul Henry Latimer (1925–2011): discoverer of selective scattering in photosynthetic systems

  • Margaret Gwyn Latimer
  • Thomas T. Bannister
  • GovindjeeEmail author


We provide here a brief tribute to Paul Henry Latimer (November 25, 1925 to October 1, 2011), a dedicated biological physicist, discoverer of selective scattering in biological systems, a wonderful teacher, husband, and father. We provide here a glimpse of his personal and professional life, including reminiscences from F. Dudley Bryant, Dan A. Cross, Bobby E. Pyle, Bryan L. Seiber, and Bruce A. Seiber.


Light scattering Selective scattering Eugene Rabinowitch Robert Emerson Sieve effect James Franck 



We thank Robert S. Knox, James D. Hanson, Margaret Kinard Latimer (Paul’s wife), and Rajni Govindjee for their valuable help during the preparation of this Tribute. We thank John C. Munday, Jr., for his corrections before submission of this file to Springer for typesetting. Govindjee thanks Susan Martinis (Head of Biochemistry) and James Dalling (Head of Plant Biology) of UIUC for their support.


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