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André Tridon Jagendorf (1926–2017): a personal tribute

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History and Biography


We present here our tribute to an outstanding unique scientist, a pioneer of plant biochemistry, best known for his seminal ground-breaking discoveries related to electron and proton transport, and their intimate relation to ATP synthesis in chloroplasts. His dedication and in-depth understanding of science was matched by his humor. Here, we offer a modest précis of his life and research. We have also included Reminiscences from: Leonard Fish, Eric Larson, Donald Ort, Thomas Owens, and Robert Turgeon.


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The above text is based on my earlier presentation (see Supplementary Material) which is also available at: as well as on my honor page on my web site at: I thank Jean Jagendorf, Robert Turgeon, Wolfgang Junge & Constantin (Tino) Rebeiz for providing me most of the photographs used in this paper, and for supporting me in the preparation of this manuscript. I am grateful to Leonard (Len) Fish, Eric M. Larson, Donald R. Ort, Thomas G. Owens, and Robert Turgeon for providing me their reminiscences. Further, Tom Owens and Don Ort checked carefully the language and punctuations in this manuscript. I also thank Dominick Paolillo for alerting me to the sad news of André s death. Edward Cobb, Craig Cramer, and Randy Wayne, all at Cornell University, helped me in obtaining the photograph in Fig. 1; Figs. 2, and 3 were scanned by Robert H. Silsbee. I thank Rajni Govindjee for reading this Tribute and for her support during its preparation. My very special thanks go to Jean Jagendorf and André’s daughters, Suzanne and Judy, for reading and approving the content of this Tribute.

Supplementary material

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