René Marcelle (December 30, 1931–December 18, 2011), the first editor-in-chief of Photosynthesis Research

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This tribute honors the first editor-in-chief of Photosynthesis Research, René Marcelle the Belgian plant physiologist who, with publishers in The Netherlands, launched the journal in 1980. Here, we present a glimpse of René Marcelle’s early life, his education and research, as well as his editorial work for the journal and other conferences in plant physiology. He worked on control of photosynthesis, both the biological and environmental aspects, as well as on crassulacean acid metabolism. He is best remembered as a kind-hearted and humane editor.

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We thank Christophe Marcelle, René’s son, and C. Barry Osmond for reading and editing this manuscript, and for providing information on René Marcelle’s publications.

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