Jalal A. Aliyev (1928–2016): a great scientist, a great teacher and a great human being


Jalal A. Aliyev was a distinguished and respected plant biologist of our time, a great teacher, and great human being. He was a pioneer of photosynthesis research in Azerbaijan. Almost up to the end of his life, he was deeply engaged in research. His work on the productivity of wheat, and biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology of gram (chick pea) are some of his important legacies. He left us on February 1, 2016, but many around the world remember him as he was engaged in international dialog on solving global issues, and in supporting international conferences on ‘‘Photosynthesis Research for Sustainability” in 2011 and 2013.

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Correspondence to Govindjee.

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This Tribute was read and edited by William W. Adams III, and accepted for publication by Barbara Demmig-Adams, Associate Editor of Photosynthesis Research.

The first author (IMH) of this Tribute was Jalal Aliyev’s student, and then co-worker until the last day of his life. Professor Aliyev was the first research adviser of the second author (SIA). The last and corresponding author (Govindjee) has been an admirer of Jalal as a dynamic scientist who supported Photosynthesis Research towards the goal of ensuring the future of the World for humanity.

This tribute was written when Govindjee was a visiting professor of Life Sciences, at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India (December 2015–February 2016).

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  • Azerbaijan
  • Cicer arietinum (gram)
  • Photorespiration
  • Plant productivity
  • Sustainibility
  • High-yielding wheat Triticum durum