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Vallabhaneni Sita Rama Das, 1933–2010: teacher and mentor

  • Sailaja V. Elchuri
  • GovindjeeEmail author


We present here the life and research of V. S. Rama Das, a distinguished Indian botanist who specialized in photosynthesis. He was the first to purify chloroplasts that were free of mitochondrial contamination. He then studied C4, C3–C4 intermediate and CAM pathways, as well as their taxonomic distribution in tropical climates. His most valuable legacy is that he, as a philosopher, inspired and guided many students to pursue their research career in India. Also see Narayana and Pullaiah (Eminent Indian Botanists: Past and present: Biographies and contributions, pp 394–401, 2010) and Raghavendra and Reddy (Curr Sci 101:798–799, 2011) for further information on Rama Das.


C4 metabolism C3–C4 intermediate pathway Taxonomy Light response Daniel Arnon W. O. James 



We thank Attipalli R Reddy, A.S. Raghavendra, Idupulapati Madhusudana Rao, Prasad Rao Allu, and Vallabhaneni Ravi for their help in preparing this manuscript. We are highly grateful to William Adams III and Barbara Demmig-Adams for editing this manuscript.


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