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Kinetics of delayed chlorophyll a fluorescence registered in milliseconds time range


Delayed fluorescence dark decays in the time interval from 0.35 to 5.5ms are measured during dark to light adaptation in whole barley leaves and isolated thylakoid membranes, using a disc phosphoroscope. The changes in delayed fluorescence features are compared with variable chlorophyll fluorescence simultaneously registered with the same apparatus as well as in parallel by Handy PEA (Hansatech Instruments Ltd.), and absorbance changes at 820 nm. The registered delayed fluorescence signal is a sum of three components – submillisecond with lifetime of about 0.6 ms, millisecond decayed 2–4 ms and slow component with lifetime > >5.5 ms. The submillisecond delayed fluorescence component is proposed to be a result of radiative charge recombination in Photosystem II reaction centers in the state Z+PQ A Q B , and its lifetime is determined by the rate of electron transfer from Q A to Q B . The millisecond delayed fluorescence component is associated with recombination in Z+PQ A Q = B centers with a lifetime determined by the sum of the rate constants of electron transfer from the oxygen-evolving complex to Z+ and of the exchange between the reduced and oxidized plastoquinone pool in the Q B -site. On the basis of these assumptions and of the different share of the three components in the integral delayed fluorescence during induction, an attempt has been made to interpret the changes in the delayed fluorescence intensity during the transition of the photosynthetic apparatus from dark to light adapted state.

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delayed chlorophyll fluorescence


prompt (variable) chlorophyll fluorescence






reaction center


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  • dark relaxation kinetics
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