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Some Boundary Harnack Principles with Uniform Constants

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We prove two versions of a boundary Harnack principle in which the constants do not depend on the domain by using probabilistic methods.

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The first named author, Martin T. Barlow, was partially supported by NSERC (Canada). The second named author, Deniz Karlı, was partially supported by NSERC (Canada) and partially by the BAP grant, numbered 20A101, at the Işık University, Istanbul, Turkey. We thank our referees for their comments, and in particular one referee for suggesting a considerable simplification of our proof of Theorem 2. We also thank Pınar KarlıAkgün for drawing the figures in this manuscript.

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Correspondence to Deniz Karli.

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Research partially supported by NSERC (Canada) and BAP 20A101 Grant of Işık University (Turkey).

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Barlow, M.T., Karli, D. Some Boundary Harnack Principles with Uniform Constants. Potential Anal 57, 433–446 (2022).

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