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The completeness characterization of \(C(\mathcal {L})\), \(\mathcal {L}\) a locale



The result of the title is: an archimedean \(\ell \)-group with weak unit A is (isomorphic to) \(C(\mathcal {L})\) for some (identifiable) locale \(\mathcal {L}\) (or, \(\mathbb {R}\mathcal {L}^{\mathrm {op}}\), \(\mathcal {L}^{\mathrm {op}}\) the opposite frame) iff A is divisible and “\(*\)-complete,” (a type of sequential completeness). This is from Ball and Hager (Positivity 10:165–199, 2006), and is revisited here, with streamlined proof.


Archimedean lattice-ordered group Sequentially complete Yosida space Countable composition Locale Frame 

Mathematics Subject Classification

06D22 06F20 18A40 46A40 46E05 54A20 54B35 54C30 



We thank B. Banaschewski for numerous conversations, which spawned the present effort, and also [9]. We thank the referee for a careful reading and helpful suggestions.


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