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A relationship between the space of orthomorphisms and the centre of a vector lattice revisited

  • Mohamed Ali ToumiEmail author


In (Chil et al. Positivity, 2014), the authors claim to give a counterexample to the main result, about Wickstead’s question, in a recent paper of Toumi (see Theorem 3, When orthomorphisms are in the ideal center, Positivity 18(3):579–583, 2014). In this note we show that their example is consistent with the main result of Toumi and not a counterexample.


Center of a vector lattice Orthomorphism 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 06F25 46A40 



The author is grateful to Professor A. E. Gutman for helping in characterizing maximal ideals of \(C^{\infty }\left( X\right) \) and for communicating a second method of the proof of Theorem 3. The author is much indebted to the Referee for his careful reading of the manuscript and for his valuable suggestions.


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  1. 1.Département de Mathématiques,Faculté des Sciences de BizerteUniversité de CarthageBizerteTunisia

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