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Table 7 Exact question wording of main (non-demographic) survey questions

From: Realizing Racial and Ethnic Neighborhood Preferences? Exploring the Mismatches Between What People Want, Where They Search, and Where They Live

Variables/predictors Exact question wording
1. Racial/ethnic composition of ideal neighborhood (racial/ethnic neighborhood preferences) Now I would like you to imagine an ideal neighborhood that had the ethnic and racial mix you personally would feel most comfortable in. Here is a card that shows a neighborhood with several houses in it. Using the letters W for Whites, B for Black, H for Hispanic, As for Asian American and AB for Arab American, please put a letter in each of these houses to represent your ideal neighborhood where you would most like to live.
2. Racial/ethnic composition of search locations This is a booklet of maps of the Chicago metropolitan area. The map shows major roads and several communities as well as specific areas in the city of Chicago. For each of the questions I ask, please mark all of the communities or towns that fit your answer. On the third map, mark the communities where you have searched for a house or apartment in the past 10 years
3. Knowledge about different neighborhoods in the Chicago metropolitan area On this first map, please mark any communities that you don’t know anything about
4. Reported housing discrimination Now I would like you to ask about several experiences you might have had when looking for housing
Have you ever felt that you were denied housing because a landlord or real estate agent didn’t want to sell or rent to you because of your race or ethnicity?
Have you ever felt that a real estate agent was showing you only homes in certain neighborhoods because of your race or ethnicity?
Have you ever lived in a neighborhood where neighbors made life difficult for you or your family because of your race or ethnicity?
  1. Source 2004–2005 Chicago Area Study