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Table 5 Logistic regression analysis of the probability that whites (n = 123) search in a neighborhood with more own group than in their ideal neighborhood; logit coefficients and standard error (SE)

From: Realizing Racial and Ethnic Neighborhood Preferences? Exploring the Mismatches Between What People Want, Where They Search, and Where They Live

  Coefficient SE
# of years in the Chicago metropolitan area −0.001 0.01
General lack of knowledge 0.001 0.03
% own group in known n’hood > unknown n’hood 0.89 0.52
Education: less than BA degree (vs. >BA degree or higher) 0.13 0.78
Intercept −0.70 0.78
  1. Source 2004–2005 Chicago Area Study
  2. †  p < 0.10; tested two-sided