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Table 3 Wealth indicators and characteristics of the different resource groups in Pallisa district, Uganda

From: Drivers of land use change and household determinants of sustainability in smallholder farming systems of Eastern Uganda

Wealth indicator Resource categorya
Farm size Have about 5 ha Have about 1.6 ha Approximately 1 ha Less than 1 ha
Livestock Have about 9 cattle with at least one pair of oxen Have about 3 cattle with either one ox or a pair of oxen At least have 1 ox to team with another farmer for draught power Do not have cattle, but at least have goats
Have about 4 goats Have about 4 goats May have about 3 goats
Hire/sale of labour Hire labour for livestock and casual labour for cropping activities Hire labour for cropping activities. Also hire out labour particularly oxen for ploughing Sell and hire labour for cropping Sell labour
Farm implements Own ox plough, hoes and wheel barrows Own ox plough, hand hoes May own an ox plough and hand hoes Own only hand hoes
Production orientation Grow some root and grain crops specifically for sale Produce mainly for home consumption and some crops for sale Produce for home consumption and can sell any crop for income Produce for basically home consumption
Income sources Have small scale businesses and remittances from working relatives Rely on crop sales and salary as civil servants (teachers) Sale of crop products and local brew Sale of labour and a little of crop products
Food security Buy food for periods less than 1 month in a year Buy food for periods of 1–3 months Buy food for 3–5 months in a year Buy food for more than 5 months in a year
  1. aLF Larger farms, MF Medium farms, SF1 Small farms with cattle, SF2 Small farms without cattle