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Table 5 Pooled estimates for candidates’ name recognition and favorability in studies 1 and 2, Facebook users only

From: Do Online Advertisements Increase Political Candidates’ Name Recognition or Favorability? Evidence from Randomized Field Experiments

Estimation procedure DV = heard of candidates DV = positive impression of candidates
OLS, clustered standard errors, weights, and block fixed effects −0.016 −0.013
[−0.053, 0.022] [−0.048, 0.022]
N 2,701 2,701
  1. Each cell records the estimate of the effect of being treated with online advertising on the dependent variable at the top of the column. Results from pooled OLS regression with block fixed effects, inverse probability weights, and clustered standard errors. 95 % confidence intervals are shown below each estimate. Neither result is statistically significant at the 0.05 level (one-tailed)