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Design and implementation of a PCE-based software-defined provisioning framework for carrier-grade MPLS-TP networks


In this paper, we present a path computation element (PCE)- based provisioning framework for carrier-grade multi-protocol label switching-transport profile (MPLS-TP) networks. In the proposed framework, a centralized PCE integrates the service function as well as the path provisioning function into a unified provisioning controller. The service function allows the provisioning manager to initiate the establishment of a label-switched path (LSP). The provisioning function computes an optimal path, sets up and maintains the LSP in a unified way while directly configuring the LSP over the switches. The management function, as a separation from the provisioning function, can fully utilize the MPLS-TP switch to keep monitoring the performance of the provisioned LSP tunnels in a distributed way. The balanced partitioning of service provisioning and management functions reduces traffic load on the controller and improves the scalability. The software-defined provisioning control using an extended PCE communication protocol enables the cooperation between them to monitor and customize the LSPs flexibly and efficiently. We implement and show that the proposed framework not only simplifies the provisioning procedure with a single instance, but reduces the provisioning time in a MPLS-TP test bed.

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This research was supported by Basic Science Research Program through the National Research Foundation of Korea funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (H6121-2013-1298). The author would like to thanks the reviewers for their constructive comments.

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