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Table 1 Basic characteristics of the soil sampled from the Ap horizon of a haplic Luvisol originated from loess near Göttingen (Germany). CEC: Cation Exchange Capacity; BS: Base saturation. 1Texture according to the German classification system (KA5 2005; Kramer et al. 2012)

From: C and N allocation in soil under ryegrass and alfalfa estimated by 13C and 15N labelling

Soil properties
Ntot (mg g-1) 1.2
Org. C (mg g-1) 11.7
C/N 9.76
NO3 -(mg g-1) 0.083
P (mg g-1) 0.160
S (mg g-1) 0.009
CEC (mmolc kg-1) 108
BS (%) 99.7
Texture1 clay/silt/sand (% (w/w)) 7.0/87.2/5.8
pH (H2O) 6.6
pH (CaCl2) 6.0