Phytochemistry Reviews

, Volume 17, Issue 1, pp 113–130 | Cite as

Plant diterpenoid metabolism for manufacturing the biopharmaceuticals of tomorrow: prospects and challenges

  • Sibongile Mafu
  • Philipp ZerbeEmail author


Plant diterpenoids encompass a diverse group of more than ten thousand specialized (traditionally termed ‘secondary’) metabolites with significant ecological functions and industrial uses. Bioactive diterpenoids form an important source of bio-based pharmaceuticals, as exemplified by the approved anti-cancer drugs paclitaxel and ingenol mebutate. Advanced genomics, metabolomics and enzyme discovery technologies have spawned a new era of exploring traditional medicinal plants for novel or improved therapeutics. Across the plant kingdom numerous diterpene synthase and cytochrome P450 enzymes with key roles in generating diterpenoid chemical diversity have been identified in recent years. This catalog of enzyme catalysts and a deeper knowledge of specialized diterpenoid metabolism can now be applied to modern microbial and photosynthetic production systems, offering alternative avenues for the sustainable manufacture of plant-based medicines important to humanity.


Diterpenoids Plant specialized metabolism Biopharmaceuticals Plant natural products Diterpene synthases 



Diterpene synthase


Geranylgeranyl diphosphate


Cytochrome P450-dependent monooxygenase


Copalyl diphosphate


Mass spectrometry



The authors acknowledge financial support by start-up funds through University of California-Davis, a UC Davis Academic Senate Research Grant Program, and a 2016 Hellman Fellowship (to PZ). We further gratefully acknowledge Mrs. Margaret Waddell who contributed the original watercolor artwork used Fig. 1.


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