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Comparison of the effects of salt-stress and alkali-stress on photosynthesis and energy storage of an alkali-resistant halophyte Chloris virgata


Seedlings of Chloris virgata were treated with varying (0–160 mM) salt-stress (SS; 1: 1 molar ratio of NaCl to Na2SO4) or alkali-stress (AS; 1: 1 molar ratio of NaHCO3 to Na2CO3). To compare these effects, relative growth rates (RGR), stored energy, photosynthetic pigment contents, net photosynthetic rates, stomatal conductance, and transpiration rates were determined. Both stresses did not change significantly the photosynthetic parameters of C. virgata under moderate stress (below 120 mM). Photosynthetic ability decreased significantly only at high stress (160 mM). Thus C. virgata, a natural alkali-resistant halophyte, adapts better to both kinds of stress. The inhibition effects of AS on RGR and energy storage of C. virgata were significantly greater than that of SS of the same intensity. The energy consumption of C. virgata was considerably greater while resisting AS than while resisting SS.

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alkali stress






dry mass


transpiration rate


energy storage rate


fresh mass

g s :

stomatal conductance

P N :

net photosynthetic rate

P NC :

colony net photosynthetic rate


relative growth rate


salt stress


water content


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